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As of today, you can apply for the 2017 prize!
Deadline: 6. January 2017

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Application from 1 October 2017 to 6 January 2018

Conditions of participation

The following are criteria for the development award:

  • Innovative, future-looking product or service concept
  • Formation of an AG (PLC) or GmbH (LLC) based in Switzerland to realise and market the project
  • Full-time involvement of the company CEO
  • Residence in Switzerland
  • Award-winner not older than 45 years of age in most cases

Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovative character
  • Overall relevance in society; the degree to which it satisfies an existing need
  • Feasibility of the project’s realisation from a:
    • technical standpoint
    • financial standpoint
  • Chances of success on the market
    • Size of the potential market
    • Number of jobs created
  • Founder and entrepreneur profile
  • Market competitiveness

How to apply

The online registration contains all the elements of a complete application.

In addition to details about the applicant and the planned activity, concrete information about the project or the service is required.

During the next step, the Foundation Board of Trustees and the experts involved will decide whether the product or service is feasible and thus worthy of being sponsored – while the market will make the final call later on.

Overview Process

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